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Ways To Use Vegan Protein Powder In Your Diet

Did you know that you can build MAJOR mass as a vegan? Many gym-goers who eat organic foods believe that they cannot build lean muscle without eating meat and disappointed, they stop visiting the gym. We'll tell them in a Jon Snow-style: You know nothing, vegan gym-goers.
Today, being a vegan doesn't mean you cannot build lean, big muscles. There is the vegan protein powder that provides you with the right amount of protein you need pre- and post-workout for maximum effect. The vegan protein powder is even available in different flavours, so any vegan gym goer can enjoy their favourite taste. Sounds delicious, right? Just blend your vegan protein powder with water, almond or soy milk or any liquid of choice and you have the perfect meal for your muscles. Here are 4 great ways to incorporate vegan protein powder into your daily diet.
  • Oatmeal – Oatmeal is one of the people's favourite foods for breakfast. Looking up on Pinterest for oatmeal ideas can provide you with a lot of fun and ideas how to eat oatmeal. Combine your oats with a little extra liquid and vegan protein powder to get a great amount of both carbs and protein. Whether as a pre-workout, post-workout meal or meal for any time of the day, this makes a great and beneficial snack.
  • Pancakes – Who doesn't love pancakes? There are a plenty of pancakes recipes for vegans without any eggs. Here's one for you: flour, some sparkling water, some beer, half a sweet meshed apple, a little salt and sugar, all mixed in a blender. Add some vegan protein powder to this mixture and start frying your pancakes. Spread a spoon of marmalade on your pancakes for a more delicious taste. The protein will give you a great boost of protein so you can feel fuller throughout the day.
  • Take Your Protein With Coffee – Make your daily coffee consumption even more beneficial for your body and put some protein in it. Blend your pre-workout coffee with a dose of protein for a highly efficient workout or running session. Look for a vegan protein powder that is naturally sweetened with stevia to reduce the intake of carbs and sugars.
  • Muffins – Muffins are just another enjoyable way of consuming vegan protein powder. Whether muffins or another baked foods, add some protein in the baking for a protein-boost. It adds a great flavour and can serve as a binder for the other ingredients. Add some almond milk or coconut to make your muffins more delicious.
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