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Top Three Led Products in Australia

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Thinking it is the right time to put some more light in your house? Well, you seem stuck without knowing which one is bad. Then you search the net for led products online and stumble upon this page? You are in luck because in this article we will go through every led products online retailers have to offer and find the best one.

1box90 LED Down Light ML-1BOX-90

This Led light has three white colours ranging: 3000, 4000 and 6000k and is a style to react as fast as possible whenever you switch the light on and of. The 1box90 LED down lights are easy to use and create a charming and unique lighting in your room. Finally, you will get a light that puts you in total control and has the functionality to control the light for every different occasion. For example, you can have neutral white for dinner, white for reading the paper and warm white when you watch a movie or play video games. Their dimming capabilities are always on 95-degree angle and offers a wide spread of light up to 7 years of warranty meaning it will last till then. They possess the power of 1100 lumens and only take a small amount of electrical power, thus making the best-led products in Australia.

MRMULTI LED downlight

The MR Multi LED downlight is the newest product that comes from Mates Rates and offers you a new genius way with dozens of features and great value for the money you are paying. Same as the aforementioned one it has three options white, neutral white and warm white ranging from 6000k, 4000k, 3000k. This Led product has integrated driver that allows being fitted at any time in just a few steps. The MR-Multi can cover with thermal insulation with ICF rating.

MR10 LED downlight

MR10 it is been seen as the most innovative design for the last couple of years by many users and designers. Its functional features and grand design have won the prestigious award Good Design 2015. It has 10W that has a slim design around 33.5 mm and can be matched at any location. The awesome dimming functionality can go from 1% up to 100% and comes with extra wide trim to make it easier to install. The large terminal is already wired and the electrical contractor is pretty well installed. This light comes in warm and neutral white and it is always packed in an eco-friendly box, making it clean for the environment and good at reducing the landfill.

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