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The Best Women's Running Shoes

Regardless of the reason why you need running shoes, finding the right fit is a time-consuming process. Not because they are hard to be found, but because there are plenty of them on the market what makes narrowing down the selection even more difficult. Before opting for your new pair of running shoes, you should determine what type of runner you are. This means you should analyse the way your feet land as you run. If your feet roll in you are an overpronator, if they roll out you are an underpronator, or maybe you have a neutral running style.

Determining this will help you choose women running shoes that will be most suitable for your individual needs. Neutral runners can wear a wide variety of women running shoes, overpronators should look structured cushioning shoes or maximum support while the underpronators needs a lot of cushioning so they can prevent injuries. We cannot help you a lot, but at least we can present you some of the best women's running shoes available on the market.

Adidas Women's Energy Boost ESM – This model of running shoes for women is considered as a hero model. Not just because it comes with the largest amount of boost foam but because of the fact that 6 of the top 10 runners in the New York City Marathon 2013 have wore Adidas Boost. The stretch upper allows a high level of support, ankle and foot stability while the continental rubber on the outside makes this pair of shoes perfect for both dry and wet conditions. The upper part is made from synthetic textile for durability and flexibility. During the testing this model lost not more than 1% of its effectiveness.

Inov8 Women's F-Lite 235 – This is the most durable F-Lite model you can find available. The pure performance delivers a zero drop while the large contact area and the standard fit delivers great stability and amazing grip. These shoes offer standard fit what makes them a perfect choice for athletes with wider feet or/and people who train longer. Coming with padded tongue and collar for a high level of comfort, the 235 running shoes are functional and great fitness performer, designed to train in without sacrifices.

Mizuno Women's Wave Sayonara 3 – If you need a pair of shoes for your morning jogging then the Wave Sayonara 3 is the right model for you. They are the most lightweight and versatile shoes you can find on the market what makes them a perfect choice for everyday training. The latest model comes with parallel wave plate sitting on a 10mm platform. The durability and comfort that comes from blown rubber into the forefoot make Wave Sayonara the best option for everyday training from the faster sprints to gym floor.

New Balance Women's Fresh Foam Zante v2 – These shoes have one main purpose. To help you run faster. They come with innovative design giving you the required support while keeping you comfortable. The midsole made from a single piece of foam will provide you with a softer ride and the engineered mesh upper will let your foot breath. This year, specifically in March, these women running shoes were awarded as a “Best Buy” according to the Runner's World.

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