Room Dividers: Enhancing Privacy the Fancy Way

A room divider is a versatile accessory that you can use to bring privacy to open plan living, help make a living space more functional, and can even be useful pieces of furniture themselves. Taking into consideration that room dividers are often stylish, this makes them an attraction addition as well.

Whether you are looking for a solution to divide your room for more efficient use of space, or to enhance privacy, or want an accent piece to give character to your room, room dividers may be what you want. Functional or decorative, permanent or temporary, here are some ideas on how you can divide spaces without compromising the open-plan living of your home.

Screen Room Dividers

In a guesthouse or master bedroom, a wooden screen room dividers can be a great option to split a large space into a lounging and sleeping area. Screen panels create a simple yet effective privacy wall and since it is only three-quarters of the height of the wall, space and light still flood the room.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a flexible solution to keep your room as one open, large space or divide it depending on privacy circumstances. From more transparent gates to thick doors that fully obscure the view, sliding doors are a versatile option that comes in a variety of styles and prices.

Functional Furniture

There are various furniture options that you can use to play different functions such as decoration, storage, and room divider. A midcentury cupboard and bookshelf unit, for example, can be used to visually divide a large, open area into a dining room and living room while keeping the flow and light of the space. Plus, it will be a great place to display ornamental and plants favorites and store other items as well.

Material Screens

This is an affordable, temporary and movable room divider that you can use to bring colour to an open, large space while hiding areas from the view. A material screen hanging from a rod at the ceiling is all you need for a simple yet effective room divider.

Decorative Partitions

Patterned wood dividers are a great room divider option to bring a sense of privacy in a master bedroom and add decorative interest to a large room. But wood panels can also be used to divide a living area from the dining room, leading a bit of privacy to both areas. Air and light will still be able to flow through the open panels. If you want you can use a plant to complement the natural aesthetic.

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