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Questions & Answers About Joyce Meyer: Bible Teacher And Author

1. Who is Joyce Meyer? 
Joyce Meyer is a New York Times bestselling author and one of the most popular practical Bible teachers in the world. She has been spreading God’s Word around the globe to millions of people every year. Joyce Meyer suffered sexual abuse as a child, and that led Joyce to discover the freedom to live victoriously by including God’s word to her life and, in turn, do whatever she can to help others do the same. Joyce has written over 70 books, handles close to fifteen conferences annually and reaches a great audience of 3 billion people around the world with her Enjoying Everyday Life broadcast. Joyce was selected by the Time magazine as one of the most prominent evangelical leaders in America.
2. How did Joyce Meyer Ministries get started? 
Joyce Meyer started teaching the Word of God in 1976 and became a full-time ministry in 1980. She began by developing, teaching and coordinating a meeting that was given once a week in a church as an associate pastor and after 5 years she established her own ministry called Life in The Word. In 2003 her ministry got a new name 'Joyce Meyer Ministries'. Her radio, television and magazine titles were also changed to Enjoy Everyday Life.
3. What is Joyce Meyer Ministries about? 
Her ministries goal is to teach the practical truths of the Bible and achieving the needs of people all over the world. Simply said, her goal is to do all she can to help those who is in need. 
4. Is Joyce Meyer a televangelist? 
Since Joyce uses television and other types of media to teach, that explain why some people consider her a televangelist. But Joyce classifies herself as a practical Bible teacher who shows others ways to apply God’s word to their everyday life.
5. What is Joyce Meyer’s educational background?
Joyce has a PhD in theology that she earned from Life Christian University in Tampa, Florida; an honorary doctorate in divinity that she earned from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa; and an honorary doctorate in sacred theology that she earned from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. 
6. Where is Joyce Meyer Ministries headquarters located? How many international offices do her ministries have? 
Joyce Meyer Ministrie’s worldwide headquarters is located in her hometown of Fenton, Missouri. Aside of that Joyce has 9 offices strategically located around the word including Australia, Canada, Russia, South Africa, India, Ukraine, Uganda, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Germany, England and the Middle East.
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