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Oldest Wines in Australia - Langmeil Winery, Barossa Valley

In all the places I have visited in the world, I have not found so much excitement, history and emotion in one place. Langmeil winery, a piece of heaven that dropped in our meaningful and wonderful lives. Why is it so unique and divine that makes my skin electrical, my mind empty and my stomach thirst for sweetness? It is a perfection, one in a kind, piece of history, Langmeil, best winery in Australia.
Barossa valley is a special region, the epicentre of wine quality in Australia, boasts 73 cellar doors, over 150 wineries and has one of the most bountiful landscapes. Here, Langmeil creates their masterpieces, with tradition and over 100 years of history.
History of Langmeil Winery
Langmeil winery is the heart of the Barossa Valley. History dates back since the 1840s when the frist wines were planted. The first winery, known as Paradale Wines opened in 1932. In 1996, cousins Carl and Ricahrd Linder with their brother-in-law Chris Bitter created a partnership and decided to buy and reopen the winery and its 5 hectares of vineyard. They bought another one in 1998, which increased their vine collection with cabernet sauvignon and grenache. In 2012, Lagameil winery was acquired by the Linder family who made a lot of revolutionary changes. With this new management, there was a new vision, that lead this esquired wine reaching new corners in the world.
Langmeil is an award-winning winery that is internationally recognized and regarded as one of the best wine producers in Australia. Composed of young winemakers, dedicated to the succeed, driven by quality in every aspect of their work. Inside Langmeil winery, I have found a representation of the premium regional wines that Barossa has to offer. Wines that are produced here, come from vineyards covering up to 30 original villages of Barossa region, producing unique varietal definition.
Wine Tasting in Langmeil Winery
My tasting experience at Langmeil Winery was divine. Till this day whenever I think about that wine, I tremble and long for another taste of it. After my first sip of this excellent wine, I started to talk with the workers and owners, telling them how much I appreciate the wine. My choice was to taste Langmeil The Long Mile Shiraz, one of the oldest brands. While holding it in my hands, I was holding a piece of history. Medium depth crimson, a wine with lifted aroma of juicy red fruits with a smell that reminds of a Turkish delight. Bright, sweet fruit that gives a lovely palate with moderate body. Silky tannins flowing onto fruitful and savoury finish, The Long Mile Shiraz is one of the finest and for me personally one of the best red wines in Australia.
All Roads Lead To...
As I left the Barossa Valley my heart and soul remained there. I am such a wine romantic, but never before had a winery impressed me more - it must be the tradition within, so rich, so divine. As I was holding the glass of wine, I was so happy to be part of this historic moment, cause I strongly believe that this wine one day will take the world in his hand.
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