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How to Stay Hydrated While Running

Running is one of the healthiest activities. It helps keep you in shape, it's good for the blood circulation and it increases your lung capacity levels. All of this results in better cardiovascular health. While running you will sweat excessively, and you need to replace all those lost fluids. Running hydration is essential to successful runs. Depending on the distance, you will need different types of containers for water. Here are some types of water containers that are available on the market:

Hydration Backpacks

Тhese look like vests, they can store several liters of water depending on the model, on top of that, they have space for additional items you might want to take with you during a marathon, a long run or hike. Space for wallets, keys, and other everyday items can be stored in them. These can be slightly uncomfortable if you don't like something wrapped around your back as you run, and have no quick way of being refilled. They also require special cleaning kits to be cleaned properly.

Hydration Belts

Hydration belts are designed to hold a bottle on a waist pack and wrapped around your waist, like a generic belt. Depending on the type of hydration belt, you can store multiple size bottles, the downside can be that the bottle is slightly bouncy if it isn't a perfect fit. On the upside, however, the bottle will be easy to grab, it doesn't require much maintenance like the hydration backpack, and you also have the option of storing some extra items.

Fuel Belts

These have many similarities with the hydration belts, the difference is, they can hold multiple bottles around them. They're excellent for running long marathons and half-marathons. The bottles are easily accessible as they are placed in the front and in the back. Having multiple bottles allows you to have water, as well as other sports drinks at your disposal during your run. The downside to these is that having multiple bottles full with liquid can be slightly heavy.

Handheld Bottles

Handheld bottles may sound like an ancient type of container, but they've stuck around for so long for a reason – practicality. The right type of bottle will allow you to have a natural grip over the bottle and they can come with a case that will allow you to put a phone, wallet and some other essential items inside. The case model can make it so you don't even have to grip it, it will just stay on your arm with specially designed thumb holes and will just stick to your hand. These are very easy to drink from but you might feel their weight in your hand especially when they are full, or their temperature if you fill them with ice on a hot day.

All of the aforementioned containers are exceptionally good to keep you hydrated during runs, so picking either will not be the wrong decision, it will all come down to personal preference. And remember, staying hydrated is crucial to a runner's performance, but also don't take it too far and don't drink too much water while running. 

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