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Choosing the Right Running Shoes For Men

There is nothing better to get the blood pumping through your veins and the body full of fresh air then an early morning jog. Wherever you live, running is the brilliant body shaping and mood-boosting exercise for people of all fitness levels. But where do you start when you choose your running shoes? Many people do not pay any attention on what kind of shoes they are using while running. Finding the perfect running shoes for men can be a difficult task, but don't get your knickers in a knot, this guide will help you throughout your decision making.
First of all, there is no such thing as the perfect running shoe in the world, because everybody's feet are different. Pronation or eversion of the feet is the inward roll of the foot while you walk or jog. To look it from another point of view, pronation is the inside roll of your feet when you push off the ground while taking steps or at the end of the gait phase. In general, runners can be split into three main categories depending on their running foot motion: Severe Overpronator, Mild Overpronator and Neutral Runner.
The secret of which running shoe is right for you lies in your footprint and you can analyse that by performing a simple wet test at home. For that you need a piece of paper and some water. Just wet your foot place it firmly on the paper and that you get your very own footprint. Your footprint will tell you how much your foot is arched, which in term will give you information about your level of pronation. Pronation is the lower leg natural way of absorbing shock and it is determined by the way your foot moves when you strike the outside edge of your heel and then roll to the inside edge of your foot and the big toe. The type of running shoes you need it depends on how much you pronate. Either you will be neutral runner, a mild to moderate overpronator or a severe overpronator.
If you are a neutral runner your footprints will leave a very thin gap before your forefoot and the heel on the outside of your foot. In this case, a cushion shoe is recommended, because it provides extra cushioning without hindering the natural pronation of the foot.
Most of peoples footprints are mild overpronators leaving around half of the footprint on the outside of the foot. This means most people are mild to moderate pronators. Now this can be corrected with additional support inside the shoe.
If you have a severe pronation you need to get immediately a support shoe. Only 10 % of people are severe overpronators with a flatter foot arch and a fuller footprint. All of this can be corrected by getting additional support features inside of your shoes.
After you have found the right pronation of your feet now is time to choose your running shoes. Australia offers a lot of good deals when dealing with running shoes for men. Choosing your brand and colour is just a simple process to get you on the way to your daily running jog.
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